The Problem
Increase of intraocular pressure and eye neovascularization are the most common causes of blindness in an ageing population. The target populations are severe glaucoma and patients with eye neovascularization as wAMD and PRD.

Severe glaucoma patients refractory to IOP lowering medications undergo surgical intervention to create a channel for effectively drain the liquid out from the eye chamber and keep a constant lowering of IOP.

Correct healing following the surgery is mandatory for the long term success of the procedure. Cytotoxic anti-metabolite (Mitomycin-C) is used today to hamper the rapid healing and the closure of the channel. However, the big unmet medical need in this area is to assist the surgery with safe and specific anti-fibrotic treatments to increase the success rate and improve the compliance in these patients.

The current treatments for wAMD are anti-angiogenic treatments based on inhibition of the vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) that needs to be administered by frequent injections in the eye to maintain the vision. Moreover retinal fibrosis is the major concern with these treatment which correlates with patients becoming refractory to anti-VEGF.

Clanotech's solution and competitive advantages
Clanotech's alpha5beta1-integrin antagonist has shown to have anti-angiogenic, anti-fibrotic and anti-inflammatory properties needed for the optimal balance in the wound healing and angiogenesis processes. Clanotech's product offers a safe and efficacious profile in assisting glaucoma surgery techniques avoiding intra- and postoperative problems experienced with the cytotoxic anti-metabolite used today. Moreover, Clanotech's 􊼟-integrin antagonist has the potential to become a complementary treatment with the standard of care for wAMD patients with the potential of a long lasting effect given in combination with anti-VEGF, reducing the number of intravitreal injections and counteract retinal fibrosis.


The Market
The market for a new anti-fibrotic agent in glaucoma surgery as a51-integrin antagonist is estimated to reach 1 bn USD in 2025. This is an orphan drug opportunity with the potential of early registration.

The total global financial burden of AMD is estimated at USD 350bn each year and there are around 4 million people suffering from the wet form of AMD worldwide. Lucentis, an anti-angiogenic product indicated for this disease, achieved sales close to USD 4bn in 2013. The market for a new anti-fibrotic agent in glaucoma surgery as a51-integrin antagonist is estimate to reach 1 bn USD in 2025.

Planned Milestones

   Completion of regulatory toxicology studies

   Preparation for clinical studies


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