Clanotech is active in ophthalmology. Clanotech’s development strategy spans from indications with orphan drug opportunities such as developing safe and target specific anti-scarring treatment in glaucoma surgery techniques to therapeutic areas with high commercial potential as wet Age Related Macular Degeneration, proliferative diabetic retinopathy, proliferative vitreoretinopathy, pterygium etc..

Clanotech’s lead candidate is an inhibitor of the alpha5beta1-integrin receptor.

Alpha5beta1-integrin is activated in fibroblast when switching to the fibrotic state and in scars after glaucoma surgery and is involved in the formation of new blood vessels through pathways that are partly complementary and partly interrelated with VEGF.

Alpha5beta1-integrin antagonist is a potentially promising area of research for adjuvant in glaucoma surgery techniques reducing fibrosis and for the treatment of eye neovascular dieseases.


The lead candidate CLT-28643 has been pharmacologically validated in relevant animal models. CLT-28643 is now in late preclinical phase intended to enter the clinical trial in H2 2016 to treat scarring after glaucoma surgery thereby maintaining the intraocular pressure. The value of CLT-28643 is found in the strong efficacy data, the chemical-physical properties, the favorable safety profile along with the high unmet medical need and the slim development plan to get to registration.

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